AF-200/FF46-1 Teflon High Temperature Wire

  • Applications and Characteristics:This type of wire and cable is used for aircraft wiring and internal connection of electronic and communication equipment, instruments and other devices with voltage less than 600V under high temperature operation.It has good performance in high temperature and humid environment and is flame retardant.
  • Product Standard: GJB 773A-2000
  • usage: for aerospace, electrical appliances, telecommunications equipment and instrumentation lines.
  • The use of temperature:
    AF-200 (FF46-2): -60℃~+200℃.
    AF-150 (FF46-1): -60℃~+150℃.
  • Structure (as shown)
    1–Silver-plated or tin-plated copper wire
    2–Polyperfluoroethylene propylene (FEP, fluorine 46)
    3–Silver-plated or tinned copper wire braid
  • Main technical performance
    1. Rated voltage: 600V
    2. Test voltage: 2500V
    3. Insulation resistance: not less than 106MΩ-km