AF-250 Aviation PTFE High Temperature Wire

  • Applications and Characteristics:This type of wire and cable is used for aircraft wiring and internal connection of electronic and communication equipment, instruments and other devices with voltage less than 600V under high temperature operation.It has good performance in high temperature and humid environment and is flame retardant.
  • Execution standard: Q/320684EBM05-2008 (increased conductor type on the basis of HB6150)
  • Use characteristics:
  • Rated voltage: AC 600V
    Wire core working temperature: 200 ℃ (long-term), 250 ℃ (short-term)
  • Note: Short-term working time is not more than 500 hours.
    Minimum operating ambient temperature: -65℃
  • Cable materials: inner conductor is silver-plated copper wire, shielding is tin-plated (or silver-plated) copper wire, insulation is PTFE, sheath is FEP.