AFR-250 PTFE Silver Plated Wire

PTFE film-wrapped insulated mounting wires use PTFE film as insulation and are produced in accordance with corporate standards. These products have excellent flexibility, excellent high temperature resistance, excellent chemical properties, moisture resistance, flame retardant and other advantages. Mainly used in high temperature conditions for electronic equipment, instrumentation lines, aircraft wiring and other electrical devices such as internal connections.

  • Characteristics and Use:Suitable for high temperature and weak electronic components and instruments with soft mounting wire.
  • Standards:Q/ZS2004-1
  • Characteristics
    1、Rated voltage: AC 220V or below
    2、Operating temperature: AFR-200 AFRB-200 -60-200℃.
    AFR-250 AFRP-250 type -60-250℃.
  • Basic specifications and structural parameters of the cable
    AFR-200, AFRB-200, AFR-250, AFBP-250 type PTFE membrane installation line