Mica Fiberglass Wire

About this item
Nominal Voltage:600V;Testing Voltage:1000V
Temperature Range:-60 degree C~450 degree C
Conductor:Stranded Nickel-cald Copper;Insulator:MicaFiberglass
Application:This product is suitable for use in electric heating,petrochemical,electrical and mechanical equipment,power plant,drying path,drying room,heating source for lighting,electric appliances and other high temperature areas

The insulation on this cable withstands high-heat applications such as ovens and furnaces. The wires are silver or nickel plated for corrosion resistance.

Use unshielded cable in applications where signal interference is not a concern. It has a layer of fiberglass fabric and mica tape around each wire. The entire cable is wrapped in a layer of fiberglass fabric and mica tape, and then covered in PTFE. The PTFE outer insulation resists chemicals, oil, abrasion, and moisture.

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