Teflon Sheathed Wire

Rated voltage: 600V
Temperature range: -80~+250℃
Conductor: silver-plated copper stranded wire or nickel-plated copper stranded wire or other materials conductor.
Product properties: excellent corrosion resistance, almost insoluble in any organic solvents, resistant to oil, strong acids, strong alkalis, strong oxidizing agents, etc. excellent electrical insulation properties, high voltage resistance, high frequency loss is small, does not absorb moisture, insulation resistance; excellent flame resistance, aging resistance, long service life.

Product applications: electronics industry, can be used for temperature compensation wire, low temperature wire, high temperature heating wire, aging-resistant wire and flame-retardant wire. household appliances industry.can be used for air-conditioning units, microwave ovens, electronic sterilizer, electric rice cookers, electronic hot water bottles, electric heaters, electric oven, electric frying pans, a variety of potions, chemicals, lamps and lanterns, etc., the internal wiring!

High-tech transmission wire industry with high temperature resistant special wires and cables as the core is the main industry of our company. After years of technical research and development and industrial integration. our company has developed its own core technology in fluoroplastics and other wire and cable products. In the fields of steel, electronic and electrical equipment, new energy, automobile, medical, military electronics, aerospace, lighting industry and other related fields. we can provide users with comprehensive solutions in wire and cable applications.