Type J Thermocouple Wire

Iron-Copper-Nickel Type J Thermocouple also known as Iron-Constantan Thermocouple
The positive pole (JP) has a nominal chemical composition of pure iron.
The negative pole (JN) is a copper-nickel alloy.
The measurement temperature range is -200~1200℃, but the temperature range usually used is 0~750℃ .
J-type thermocouples can be used in vacuum, oxidizing, reducing and inert atmospheres, but the positive pole iron oxidizes faster at higher temperatures, so the temperature of use is limited.


Divided into:FEP,PTFE, Polyimide PI,etc. Screen:

Divided into:Tin / Nickel / 304 stainless steel, aluminum

(single, double), etc.

Layers: single, double weaving

Weaving density:80%,70%,90%,95% etc