Polyimide-Wrapped And Sheathed PTFE Wire

Compensation wire, compensation cable and thermocouple

equipment are used for temperature measurement and control

systems in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical,

textile of some factories and scientific research departments.

The compensate cable is simple and easy to lay, resistant

with moisture resistant, acid and alkali, high temperature

and aging, it is good at shielding to prevent outside



Representation of type, name and specifications:

The type of thermocouple and RTD:compensation wire for S、R、B、K、E、J、T and EA-type thermocouple using.


Divided into:FEP,PTFE, Polyimide PI,etc. Screen: Divided into:Tin / Nickel / 304 stainless steel, aluminum

(single, double), etc. Layers: single, double weaving




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